Role of Non- Invasive procedures in reduction of waist circumference and resistant fat

Author’s name:-

Dr. Manjiri Patankar


 1Director of Dr. Manjiri’s Instasculpt, India (Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderbad)

 2Director of Dr. Manjiri’s Instasculpt Fitness Club for Ladies, Dubai

 3Director of Dr. Manjiri’s Instasculpt, Kuwait


​Obesity is a multi-factorial disease with excess of fat storage and leads to ailments like hypertension, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Diet & exercise alone cannot help in reduction of adiposity in problematic areas like hips, thighs & abdomen. Various non – invasive procedures like High Focalized Intensity Ultrasound (HIFU), Endermology, Mesotherapy and laser are thus used for lipolysis and lipo-mobilization.


​Randomized, controlled, multicenter, multiracial study comparing effects of lipolysis with lymphatic drainage of fat, on fat percentage and waist circumference was carried out in men and women of different ethnicities with BMI of 28 to 30.


NATIONALITY AVERAGE LOSS in Cm at waist line per session AVERAGE Reduction in total body fat percentage
ARABIC 1.50 1.00%
AMERICAN 2.80 1.25%
CANADIAN 2.00 0.80%
EGYPTIAN 2.00 1.50%
FRENCH 2.30 1.00%
INDIAN 2.00 0.80%
ITALIAN 1.90 1.00%
LEBANESE 2.00 0.90%
PAKISTANI 2.80 2.00%
SYRIAN 2.00 1.60%
SPANISH 1.30 1.10
TUNICIAN 1.75 0.35

​It was observed that average reduction in the waist circumference after one session of lipolysis was 2.029 cm and reduction in the total body fat percentage was 1.1375 %


​A combination of non invasive fat loss treatments of High Focalized Intensity Ultrasound (HIFU), Endermology, Mesotherapy and laser resulted in reduction of resistant fat which does not go away with current treatment modalities of diet, exercise and pharmacotherapy, and it also reduced percentage of body fat.


​Relation between reduction of waist circumference with non- invasive subcutaneous fat loss and reduced health risk was not studied.


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