Treatment for abdominal fat ( Lokmat Article 17/04/2017)

After delivery, many females face weight gain issue along with increasing abdominal girth. After kids are grown, around 40 years hormonal imbalance starts and no matter how much you exercise, hunger and weight keeps on increasing.

For this problem following a proper diet is not the only solution but some non-surgical treatment is definitely required.

Q.1 My age is 43 and waist line is 40”.Would I be able to reduce my abdominal

fat without operation? I have diabetes also. – Megha Shinde (Thane).

– To reduce the fat from the particular area, an advance technology HIFU (high intensity focalized ultrasound) is used. Without any pain or injection, abdominal

fat cells are targeted and drained out.

Q.2 My age is 21yrs.and I have fat & stretch marks on my abdomen & I also have

fat on my chest region.-Ganesh Narkar (Mumbai).

– With the help of advanced laser technology, fats below the skin are destroyed

For chest fat &stretch marks, Endermology treatment is very effective .There are no marks or scars after this treatment.

Win Over Obesity (Hello Thane 18/02/17)

The increasing weight and the age, and with them the related increasing complaints are the major issue faced by the society now a days.

After 40, with the lavish lifestyle, not only the abdominal inches increases but with them diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, heart diseases etc. also follows.

If the abdominal girth in female is more than 36” (in paper mentioned as 32”)

and males more than 40” (in paper mentioned as 36”) then it needs necessary treatments.

Unwanted fat deposition in the body results in further symptoms and diseases. With the help of new advanced treatment 5-10% of the existing body weight can be reduced in a stipulated period of time and that too just by reducing fat. (For eg, if weight is 70 kg then 7 kg and if weight is 100 kg then 10 kg can be reduced)

Through scientific viewpoint though this is very effective, there is no weakness and the body gets reset like computer. Every cell in the body is rejuvenated. It is specifically benefitted for individuals suffering from thyroid and hormonal imbalance.

Fat Reduction treatment with advanced laser technology (Thane plus 28/09/2016) pg 8

Weight gain and abdominal obesity is one of the major problematic issues in our society. Many a times even after following proper diet and exercise, the weight and the fat does not reduce.

Modern lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and hereditary are few of the causes for abdominal obesity. With the help of advanced laser treatment unwanted fat in any part of the body can be reduced safely and non surgically.

Initially upto 1 inch of fat below the skin is loosened with the help of Endermology treatment. After this, with advanced laser technology fat cells are treated for 1-2 hrs. If the skin is very loose then Radio Frequency is used for tightening and the individual is advised to have plenty of water for 2-3 days.

Gradually the fat cells are metabolized and in 8-10 days the abdominal size regresses. If abdominal girth is above 35” then laser treatment is repeated again after 1 month.

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