Korean Treatments

Do such masks work or are they just a fad? How beneficial is using a sheet mask?

  •   These masks are simple to use, comes with the pre soaked serum that enhances the skin giving brighter look and tighter pores. The advantage of theses masks are that they promote the penetration of the products deep into the skin with the help of the cover. But all the masks arte not the same. These masks can give concentrated treatments and the beautiful benefits, but you can’t depend on them for your regular skin care needs.

Consider them as an adjunct to the sunscreen, moisturizer or anti ageing creams etc. They help you where the skin texture has become stubborn or in some skin recovery.

Can they work in 15-30 minutes?

  •        The sheet masks come with the occlusion (a cover) to increase the penetration of hydrating and anti ageing ingredients into the skin. You can leave the mask on for 20 minutes maximum. Longer than this is not advisable as the sheet mask dries out and will suck out the moisture from the skin leaving it dehydrated.

Better to use actual fruits or vegetable?

  • You can’t the entire actual benefit of the ingredienton the face application as one can get through intake. For eg., If the ingredient contains vitamin A , doesn’t necessarily meanit will give the same benefits on the application than with the dinner.

Side effects:

Over use of such masks should be avoided .Skin will become dependent on them reducing the chances of skin to rejuvenate on its own.


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