Health tips for slow and healthy ageing


People have been developing various myths, magic and medicine from thousands of years to slow down ageing. 

In some cultures, longevity is seen to be a result of a lifetime of personal discipline. For example, men and women in the Orient carefully regulate their life with special diets, herbs and exercises using traditions that have been handed down for thousands of years. 

A healthy diet, antioxidant vitamins, exercise and plenty of rest are a traditional recipe for longevity. All of this help preserve our vital reserves. Good health is not rocket science. 

Diet, exercise and supplements are key factors in preventing cell ageing because these alter how our genes express themselves. Diet, toxins, lifestyle and trauma are all potent forces that act on our genes to change how our cells will function. As an example, calorie restriction helps improve cellular function by altering gene expression. This causes the cell to live longer. Obesity, lactose intolerance, heart disease, auto-immune disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer are disorders of altered gene expression for which nutrition and detoxification can play a role in modification.

Making the right lifestyle changes is the optimal way to ensure your age well and free of disease.

  • To prevent weight gain, serve small portions and eat food low in fat and exercise for 30 minutes a day.
  • For healthy skin, eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and increase water intake.
  • Keep your bones strong by eating more fish, high-calcium foods, legumes and green leafy vegetables and avoid smoking.
  • To keep your bowel functioning well, eat plenty of whole grains and fibre and take probiotics to promote good bacteria and nutrient uptake.
  • For a good libido, avoid extreme or restricted diets and minimise alcohol and medication use.

According to many studies, the key factor in fighting to age is a balanced diet and nutrition, as the old saying “you are what you eat” is found to be truer than ever.

The extreme changes in human life make it difficult to avail appropriate actions from our bodies while we are not eating the correct supplements to remain sound and healthy. Also, the connection between diet and health is well proved by the various diseases related to lifestyle which is the outcome of unhealthy foodstuffs and poor nutrition. So as to remain healthy, increasing the consumption of healthy food and decreasing the intake of processed foods is essential.

Besides the fact that they contain almost no nutrients, processed foods are full of preservatives, chemicals and additives which are known to interfere with many bodily functions such as hormones. So instead of eating junk unhealthy food, following a simple nutritional diet will help in building not only a healthy body but also provide good and nourished skin further helping to prevent ageing faster.

Healthy diet balances the hormones in the right way. Since hormonal imbalance has a tremendous role in ageing, healthy eating programs are recommended so that the body can maintain its normal levels of hormones.

Apart from the body, Taking care of the skin in your younger years is crucial to having youthful skin when you get older. Young people should always protect their skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. You can avoid getting premature wrinkles and melanoma by staying out of the sun too often.

Overstressing our bodies and minds is not good for us. Stress, which most of us experience daily, is toxic on the areas of the brain that deal with memories and emotions and also causes fat to collect around your stomach which is then difficult to remove. But, through simple breathing and a little meditation, anyone can improve their ability to handle stress and enjoy life better.

It might sound strange to you but breathing in and out a few times while paying attention to the flow of our breath is a handy way of finding time for yourself throughout busy days. You can sure spare a minute to close your eyes and breathe in deeply three to five times as a way of calming yourself and focusing your intention for your next action. The more time you take in your day to breathe consciously, the better you will feel. Breathing has been proven to reduce stress and increase oxygen flow to the cells which contributes greatly to your overall health and well being. Another great way to balance stress in your life is to take some time for meditation. 

The key to feeling happy, confident and proud of your body-flaws is to learn how to marvel at your body’s many abilities. The focus should be on the capability a body has, rather than its physical appearance. Too often, we pay attention only to how our bodies appear rather than what they allow us to do. Can your body dance or swim? Can you build sand castles at the beach with your kids? So identifying what your body likes is the best exercise that you can try out for yourself.

Practising the above-mentioned tips will definitely enhance the way of your life and further help you to slow down the fast ageing process of your body.

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